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About ProSports Nutrition  

ProSports Nutrition was founded by Nutritonist and Medical Herbalist Antoinette Foster, a practitioner for over 22 years. Our philosophy is simple but not simplistic. Because everyone is different, no treatment plan can suit everyone and we tailor each client’s treatment to their specific profile. ProSports is all about health and wellbeing for everyone, no matter whom you are or where you live.

ProSports Nutrition has been working with a molecular geneticist and has developed personalised NutraGenomix™ Profiling. Testing is simple and determines your genotype, which then allows highly accurate advice tailored to suit your biochemical uniqueness.

Whilst there are 6 genotypes within the population, there are also sex specific changes in gene expression and there are subtleties in every profile that are unique to each person.

Genetic profiling has changed the way we advise clients, it gives us the tools to advise each person in a precise way allowing them to achieve their health, wellbeing and fitness goals.

Personalised NutraGenomix™  the power to unlock your genetic potential   Antoinette

Nutriton for Life  Antoinette

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