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Nutrients generally have been treated as a source of energy and they are involved in the regulation of metabolic pathways. They are also involved in designating a function of an enzyme in which the structure and activity of the enzyme are modified by the binding of a metabolic molecule or by modulating hormone secretion.

It was discovered through further research that nutrients either directly or through their hormonal outcome were able to powerfully change gene expression.

There were also variations in the genome on nutrient utilization and diet-reliant health status such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, oxidative stress, cancer, cardiovascular diseases.

The influence of nutrients on human health is therefore based on two studies which involve the nutritional state which modifies the expression of genes, and depending on the specific genotype of an individual, the metabolism of nutrients may vary and ultimately result in a altered health status.

NutraGenomix Information

Relationships between genes and food
One such discovery is the breakthrough that there is the molecular equivalent of communication between genes and ecological factors, including the bioactive molecules found in food. Our genes have an impact on how we respond to certain types of food. Therefore, the food choices we make influence the suitability of our lifestyles and environment as well as the expression of our genes. The sum total of these relationships determines whether we will survive and thrive in a particular environment. For conditions and disease states that are diet-related, there is the potential to have a huge impact by changing significant environmental factors, such as our food and lifestyle choices.

Genetic uniqueness of individuals
Each individual is genetically unique. Although all humans are very similar in many ways our genetic variations make each of us slightly different, from our physical appearance to our responses to food. Studies by molecular geneticists have determined how we can identify each specific genotype and with this knowledge we are now able to personalise health and nutrition to suite each individual. This also means that there is no guess work when it comes to recommending diet changes or supplements. Therefore the days of heading off to the health food store and buying bottles of supplements may be long gone in the very near future.

Potential for diet to change disease outcomes
Many disease states and other health issues are definitely diet-related. There is enormous potential to target individuals who, within their genetic makeup may be susceptible to a particular disease such as type 2 diabetes. Knowing the individuals genotype means that practitioners can manage many diseases and health problems through diet and lifestyle changes. Food and supplements are likely to take on a new dimension. Foods will no doubt be promoted as beneficial for particular genetic variations; this includes raw foods, vegetables and fruits, however knowing exactly what to do will be of enormous advantage. New functional foods will be available and some of the purified bioactive food components will be used to fortify commonly eaten foods.

By incorporating genetic information into a wider range of clinical practices, ProSports Nutrition

  • identify patients who are at risk for single-gene and complex disorders that have nutritional implications;
  • understand how genetic variants interact with nutritional factors to affect disease risk and progression;
  • assess an individual’s response to a particular food or diet plan; and
  • design nutrition approaches which aid in disease prevention and health promotion

As we begin to have a better understanding of just how much impact diet can have on an individual’s health and well being through genetic testing, individuals will also have more control over the destiny of their own health this is likely to empower practitioners and patients.

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