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NutraGenomix Testing  

NutraGenomix ™ Testing profiles the following areas of health  
The polymorphisms analysed are risk factors in relation to health; that is to say that you as the practitioner can now make “tailored” decisions in relation to your patient’s health and health outcomes. Health is composed of three variables: genes, nutrition and lifestyle.

The health interventions as advised by the practitioner are based on the patient’s genetic profile and up to date scientific literature. Nutrition is not a “one size fits all approach” and this profiling will allow the practitioner to understand a patients individual needs to maintaining heart health, blood pressure, oxidative stress, Phase I and Phase II Detox, your inflammatory risks, bone health, diabetes risk and a Nutria‐genomic report for weight loss and exercised. Each of these boutique panels is explained in this manual.

Specifically the Nutria‐genomic panel has been prepared for managing your weight. If weight loss has been difficult this analysis will assist you and your practitioner in determining the appropriate diet and exercise regime for weight loss and health.

An extensive anti‐aging or detoxification profiling has been included in this analysis to ensure that you know your bodies’ requirements for antioxidants.

Why do the NutraGenomix™ Test?

  1. Testing is 100% science backed and 100% accurate
  2. Allow early identification of individuals at risk:
  3. Provide specific dietary recommendations-Nutrigenomics
  4. Initiation of early therapy
  5. Treatment accuracy & effectiveness-Pharmacogenomics
  6. Avert prematurely genotype-phenotype illnesses
  7. Prepare for healthy longevity!
  8. Physio-Genomic nutrition/stress/exercise responses

Benefits of NutraGenomix ™ testing

  1. 72 genes are tested
  2. Improved brain function, increase exercise response and healing, improve stamina and performance
  3. Determine those individuals, most at risk with ongoing injuries including concussion, healing time and long term effect
  4. Preventative Health
  5. Predictive Health
  6. Reduced Inflammation
  7. Improved Cognition
  8. Improved Detoxification
  9. Improved Cellular Health
  10. Improved Bone Health
  11. No unnecessary supplementation
  12. Optimal Sports Performance using exercise and nutritional based gene manipulation
Healthy Lifestyle with ProSports Nutrition

My wife and I were feeling old, stale and lethargic. Sue had struggled to maintain an ideal weight for years, despite eating a healthy diet and exercising well.  After having our DNA profiles done, we were both amazed at how much better we felt once eating the right food groups. We modified our usual diets as recommended and over the next few weeks we both had more energy through the day and were sleeping better. Sue steadily lost weight at about 1kg per week, but the best part was that she felt great at the same time, and didn't feel like she was missing out on interesting food.  The dietary supplements are an integral part of the program and are tailored to the individual according to the DNA results.  Knowing which food types suit your own body allows you to make an easy and amazingly effective lifestyle improvement!

Bill and Sue Kew, Victoria

Nutritional Panels Reviewed

Detox I
Phase 1 liver detoxification profile. Drugs (including caffeine), metals and hormones are transformed in this process into reactive bioactive compounds. Up-regulation of this process can lead to the accumulation of these metabolites.

Detox II
Phase II liver detoxification profile. Metabolites from Phase I liver detoxification will be transformed into water soluble compounds and then excreted in urine. This process depends on a large antioxidant capacity. Down regulation of phase II liver detoxification leads to an accumulation of toxic metabolites. This in turn increases oxidative stress.

Oxidative Stress
Oxidative stress profile. Oxidative stress is a major cause of premature aging and cell death. This panel assess the major enzymes involved in anti-oxidative defence.

Bone Health
Osteoporosis risk panel. Osteoporosis affects equally men and women. The prevention of osteoporosis in multi-faceted; involving lifestyle, nutrition and management of inflammatory processes. This panel identifies the capacities of calcium uptake, predisposition to enhanced inflammatory response and risk of bone loss. Such prevention should commence as early as possible since bone mass loss can not be restored in aging individuals.

Lipid Metabolism
Lipid metabolism panel. Impaired lipid metabolism is a problem in Western societies. Diets and drugs aimed at lowering fat levels may have limited success or side effects. Knowing your genetic predisposition enables individual diet and therapy.

Risk assessment for diabetes type II. Diabetes is one of the major diseases of this century. Genetics, lifestyle and nutrition are equally important considerations in understanding individual predisposition and treatment.

This is a panel of genetic polymorphism’s whose activities are modifiable by nutrition. This enables a gender specific diet to either suppress or enhance gene or enzyme expression. The results will be utilised as part of a disease prevention program or to optimise metabolic pathways.

Inflammation has a key role in chronic diseases including diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, aging and CVD. Susceptibility to increased inflammatory responses is genetically determined.

A number of polymorphisms contribute including those changes found in the oxidative stress, inflammation and Detox 1 and Detox II panels.

Lactose Intolerance
Some people are likely to be lactose intolerant due to lack of the lactase enzyme as an adult. They are unable to drink more than a glass of milk a day due to lower adult lactase enzyme levels. (May still be lactose tolerant for environmental reasons).

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Each of the genetic tests mentioned are rated by three levels of support required.

Basic support indicates that no nutritional support or lifestyle changes are required. Or that the DNA changes have no negative influence.

Additional support indicates that the individual has received a gene variant and that they will only benefit from moderate amounts of nutritional support and lifestyle interventions

Maximum support
means that the individual received genetic characteristics from both parents and those genes have been expressed. These patients will benefit from maximum levels of nutritional support and lifestyle intervention.

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