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ProSports Nutrition Products  

Health Lifestyle Choices

ProSports Nutrition offers a wide range of specially selected Practitioner Only supporting supplements. We also produce some products ourselves, which are TGA listed.

We only recommend supplements according to your gene type.

NutriGenomix testing allows us to determine what is suitable for each individual. This eliminates all the guess work and reduces the risk of taking supplements that you simply do not require.
ProSports Nutrition Products
Natural Remedies NRGY Sports Relief

NRGY Sports Relief

Everyone suffers from pain which can be debilitating.  NRGY Sports Relief has a potent pain relief effect when used at the loading dose rate. Using NRGY Sports Relief will keep you active longer.

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“I developed a back problem so I began to use the NRGY Sports Relief it has become a mainstay of the way I treat my back. I also recommended it to my friends mother who has arthritis in her knees she is in her 70's and takes it daily. We have been using NRGY Sports Relief for about 6 yrs now and would encourage anyone to try it.”
Frances Fox

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