Rider and Horse Health Clinic 23rd June 2019

Presenting the very first Rider and Horse Health Clinic 

at Oakwood Riding School 10 Smiths Lane, Clyde North

23rd June  8 am to 5pm.

With Equine and Human Health practitioners, Nutritional Therapist  Antoinette Foster and Clinical Nutritionist Erin Romanin from ProSports NutraGenomix and Hi Form Australia, Dr. Layne Shepherd Osteopath from Elite Performance and Recovery and Di Dall’Oglio from Emerald Pilates

The clinic includes:

A one hour private nutritional medicine consultation for the rider, whereby we tailor make a program to suit you as an individual which includes your lifestyle, fitness and dietary recommendations. Find out how you can fuel your body with the energy to perform at your peak, whilst maintaining consistent health and well being, with Erin Romanin or Antoinette Foster
A one hour private nutritional analysis for your horse which includes and individualized program to suit you horse's specific needs. We look at the current current diet and workload and provide precise recommendations enable you to achieve the best potential possible, with Erin Romanin or Antoinette Foster.
A 45 minute group pilates class with Di Dall’Oglio. Pilates addresses inbalances in our bodies and makes us even – so our horses can be well balanced and even on both sides – they no longer need to compensate for us and therefore become “one sided”.
A one hour private osteopathy treatment with Layne Shepherd (this is to include a ridden assessment, osteopathy treatment and post-treatment-ridden-assessment). The first  assessment will be structured around general riding and posture, as well as any specific areas of riding that are causing you pain, discomfort, or where there is an obvious lack of strength. Next a treatment is provided to address all the identified factors found through assessment and examination. Treatment may include soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilization and manipulation depending on what is required and what you are comfortable with. Following treatment, Layne will ask you to re-mount your horse so that you can be reassessed following treatment.
Price $285 for the day including refreshments, arena hire and facilities book early limited spots available.

About our practitioners:

Dr Layne Shepherd
At Elite Performance & Recovery, we believe that health and athleticism is just as important in the equestrian athlete as it is in any other performance sport. It is our mission to educate the equestrian community on the importance of health and wellbeing in the rider as well as the importance of strength and conditioning training in improving performance and preventing injury. We know that to achieve the best from our horses, we need to work in unison with them. Therefore, we look at the biomechanics of the rider both mounted and on the ground to assess their strength, stability and flexibility. Following assessment, a combination of manual therapy and exercises are used to achieve the best results for horse and rider. Elite Performance & Recovery offers osteopathic services to riders at any level and may assist with riders who:
  • Would like assistance with improving their riding fitness and physical ability
  • Would like assistance with improving performance at home or in competition
  • Are experiencing pain or restriction during or after riding
  • Are coming back into riding after injury
  • Are experiencing difficulties with their riding or behavioural difficulties with their horse when riding
  • Are experiencing issues with inconsistent contact, trouble picking up the canter on the correct lead or losing the shoulder or hind quarters particularly in one direction
Layne Shepherd is an enthusiastic osteopath based in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne. She has a Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy) as well as a Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences. Spending time also working with the Richmond Football Club in the AFL, Layne understands the physical demand put on high-level athletes and the training required to perform at this level. Layne wants to extend this knowledge to the equestrian athlete and assist riders to perform at their best. Layne has ridden horses since the age of 10 and in the past few years taken a special interest in eventing, competing and studying the athleticism required to perform in such a sport.
  • Bachelor of Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy)
  • Bachelor of Animal and Veterinary Biosciences
  • Myofascial Dry Needling and Cupping​
  • Certified Level 1 Sports Trainer
  • Strength Training for Allied Health Professionals
 Dr Layne Shepherd (Osteopathy)
BHlthSc/BAppSc(Osteo), BAnVBioSci
Member of Osteopathy Australia  M: 0468 653 687
ProSports NutraGenomix was founded by Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist Antoinette Foster. It was a dream of Antoinette's to develop this side of her business to assist predominantly with horse owners and riders, by improving their long-term health and well-being.
In 2010 Antoinette met genetic scientist Dr Margi Smith and her partner Simone Walsh, it was at this time that she was introduced to the world of genetics and how the science of Nutrigenomics could assist in not only predicting but also preventing conditions in humans. Whilst it has been a long time coming for this side of Antoinette's business to be launched, in her opinion the timing is perfect. As a rider herself she feels that there are many challenges for horse riders to achieve their goals. Getting her own fitness and body right to ride after a serious fall in 2017 has been a massive struggle. She believes it is essential to be able to have a program that suits each individual, this includes, nutrition, exercise, and mental health. ProSports Nutrition offers a range of testing services which include Nutrigenomics, Smart Gut Testing and the new Puls Cardiac test.
Antoinette began her studies in human nutrition but had an enormous passion for the equine. She decided many years ago to combine the two. Antoinette is highly qualified as a nutritionist and medical herbalist with over 30 years experience and has continued her studies throughout her career.
Bio Emerald Pilates
Di Dall’Oglio
Hello there! I have been teaching exercise and movement to people since 1993 – from an Aerobics instructor, to Level 4 Australian Pilates Method Association Pilates teacher, now running my own studio, Emerald Pilates, and so much in between! My journey has been fun, and I feel that I have found what I never knew I was always looking for – really helping people to be great at life, through the magic of Pilates.
To me, Pilates is the fountain of youth – it slays the ageing demon. We can be 50 ++ and live in a 25-year-old body. It can help anyone, and everyone. Endurance/trail riding is something that I love – I also love anything to do with being outside and moving my body.
I have many clients that are horse riders and have helped all of them improve – from dressage to endurance, pony club to high level eventers.  Pilates makes you strong, mobile and gives you awareness of your body – when you ride – you have your horse and your external environment to be aware of – we may leave out the importance of our own body -  sometimes we are unaware what our body is doing when we ride and how this affects our horse. I teach how to develop habits of great posture and unconscious awareness, so you don’t have to think of this as much when you ride – it becomes “automatic”.
I believe that all riders need to work on being strong so they can support their horse through any kind of training or leisure. Having a horse is such a blessing – a pleasure – we love them like family – when you do Pilates you are not only giving to yourself, you are giving to your horse.
I would love to work with you - find me at the contact details below:
 Emerald Pilates Shop 5; 5-7 Kilvington Drive Emerald Vic 3782
www.emeraldpilates.com.au  info@emeraldpilates.com.au   PH: 0407 049 478.
In 2017 Erin Romanin joined the team, Erin is a Clinical Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science: Nutritional Medicine from Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. She began her studies in Naturopathy, however soon learning that nutrition holds a plethora of weight to health outcomes for the community she decided to refine her studies to Nutritional Medicine. 
Erin has had experience with patients from all walks of life. Although she enjoys working with a wide range of people and health conditions, her interests lie in sports performance nutrition and mental health. Being an equestrian herself she understands that it is not only a sport but a lifestyle choice, one in which most commonly we put our beloved horses first. She uses a holistic view on health, with food and lifestyle changes as well as nutritional supplementation for the prevention, management and treatment of the underlying causes of chronic illness as well as maintenance of optimal health.